1. General

Ever since I was a child drawing is a second nature to me. My grandfather (my mother's father) George Debels was a pioneer in animation movies in Holland. I learned a lot from him about drawing.

2. Different techniques

Most of the time I'm working on design and illustrative drawing. Caricatures of faces I did on high school. Also I did work a lot with airbrush techniques. My grandfather tought me how to do that. All those techniques, that used to be done "wet" can now be done "dry" on the PC or iMac at home.

3. Education

After high school (HBS-B) I went to the acadamy for arts for two years. At the "Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten" in Arnhem. The direction I did was known as "Publicity and Grafic Art Design".

4. Hobby

Below I show you some thumbnails of pictures I made inspired by Greek mythology and Walt Disney. I made those before I went to the academy. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

Thumbnail of Apollo
Foebus Apollo
Thumbnail of Hercules1
Hercules and the lion
Thumbnail of Hercules2
Hercules and the bull
Thumbnail of Hephaistos
Hephaistos the devine blacksmith

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