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1. What is genealogy

Genealogy is the research on ancesters. It can be the descent traced continuously from an ancestor, pedigree. It also is the study of pedigrees.

2. Different ways of research

There are several ways to model and to present the research. Best known are descent tabels in paternal line. Here you have all the male descendants of an ancestor. In a pedigree one finds all the descedants of an ancestor. Furthermore there are "kwartierstaten". Here one starts with a person and goes searching for the parents of the parents, of the parents, etcetera more and more back in time. So you get a person, his 2 parents, his 4 grandparents, his 16 great-grandparents and so on.

3. Where to search

The national archives and the archives of the municipalities are very important places with sources of information. The churches are important and wellknown sources for data. But there are also a lot of other less know places. Notarial acts, military lists, information of courts of justice, roles of crews of ships and more modern announces in newspapers. More and more of these institutes can be visted on line. In the future it will be less necessary to do research on location.
The Central Bureau for Genealogy is another important central source of information. One can get help in gathering information and about publication of familydata.

The internet
On the Internet are a lot of informative sites.

  1. Het Nationaal Archief
  2. Stamboom Forum
  3. Genealogie Online
  4. Stamboom Gids
  5. WieWasWie
  6. Meertens Instituut
  7. Hoofdstukken uit de Nederlandse Geschiedenis
  8. Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie
  9. Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  10. Gemeente archief Delft
  11. De Nederlandse Sontregisters
  12. Genealogy in Belgium
  13. Federation of East European Family History Societies
  14. Cyndi's List
  15. Wat Was Waar

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